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7 Colors Cycle Beauty Mask

7 Colors Cycle Beauty Mask

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🎭 7 Colors Cycle Beauty Mask 🎭

Type: B-LMH200625Power Source: USB Charger 🔄Material: Plastic 🛠️Light: 86*3 LEDs 💡

Functions: 1️⃣ Skin Tightening 2️⃣ Skin Rejuvenation 3️⃣ Skin Moisture 4️⃣ Anti-acne 5️⃣ Blemish Removal 6️⃣ Whitening

Color Light: 🔴 Red 🔵 Blue 💜 Purple ⚪ White 💚 Green 💛 Yellow

This USB Charge 7 Colors LED Facial Mask is your ultimate skin care companion! Enjoy the benefits of collagen regeneration, metabolism boost, acne removal, wrinkle reduction, and more. Bring out your skin's natural beauty with each colorful cycle! 🌈✨

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